The September Review

This review marks about 2 years since I began this blog! It has been immensely helpful at keeping me accountable and reminding me of the amazing things I’ve been able to do and accomplish in the past two years. And, I turned 25 this month! A quarter of a century down! Plus my skeleton is the best it will ever be at this point– it’s all downhill from here…

I started September based in London, shut inside of a hotel room in Limehouse…. writing. Just, writing. I spent a day or two out seeing Kensington Palace, Alex, and the British Museum, but that was a one-off. The beginning of September was crunch time for dissertation work as I had a campsite-based dig only a week later.

And the dig was SO MUCH FUN! Dave (the Don Quixote to my Sancho) and I had an amazing time on this dig. The students had fun and plenty of friends came by to help dig for random days. It’d been a while since I camped, and my sleeping gear was less than ideal, so it took a few days for my body to get used to sleeping on the ground. We woke up early in misty wheat fields, had a hot cuppa and then would dig for the rest of the day. We’re not sure what we found, probably not a Roman Palace, but we’ll keep analysing!

The rest of the month I spent with the lovely Dave and Claire – save a few days for a solo walk along the Cotswold Way. Towards the end of the month I had a job interview and a successful job offer! It started as a 6-month offer but they soon emailed and stated that they’d like to make it permanent. How exciting!! I start the beginning of October! So… Northampton here I come!