The October Review

The month was busy from open to close. Juggling two jobs, creating a new bar menu, ending my time as a bartender (for now), planning some trips and going to new places…it added up to an incredibly non-stop month.

I started my month off by booking trips for early next year, organizing my life a bit more and working extra shifts bartending. With the archaeology work still going strong I barrelled through the next week working to finalize a new bar menu before turning in my two weeks. I spent that second week up at Mt. Baker doing some beautiful hiking, spending time with loved ones and meeting Jane Goodall.

After a quick visit from the parents it was off to Orcas island for a much needed bit of relaxation time before getting back and running a 10k without much training. Car trouble and a friend in need filled my time up before those two weeks of work ended and I spent my last couple days of the month learning how to make pasta and taking a celebratory funemployment trip to Vancouver B.C.

The 31st was an especially wonderful night filled with friends, laughter, and even the circus!

What an incredible month.