The November Review

Compared to October, November has been a sleepy month. Starting off the month…with plenty of boxes still to unpack after a move, I was off on a week long adventure exploring Denver and Arizona. I was able to spend a good amount of time this month with family and friends, accidentally went to two trivia nights and ended the month with not just plans, but finalized trips for the coming year.

We continued to organize the apartment and by mid-November, we were all moved in; complete with a dinner table, two sets of dishware, and three chairs around our dining room table… I’m also struggling with the parental responsibilities that come with owning houseplants… stay tuned. The place isn’t perfect and we might not be able to host people in the most fashionable manner just yet, but it definitely is starting to feel more like home.

Relaxing took the forms of a snowy hike in the mountains, ‘Trapped’ – an Icelandic thriller TV series, the new Harry Potter film and plenty of cooking. I tried making blue pasta (pictures to come once it gets cooked!), made a fresh lunch almost every day for the past two weeks and I’ve started to catch a little cooking bug where I keep thinking of new recipes I can’t wait to try.

Thanksgiving helped with this ‘bug’ and I made a delicious gluten free apple crisp that soothed the soul on the rainy holiday. In fact, this entire month has really shifted in weather and we’ve had severe weather warnings due to wind… winter is definitely here. 

Although I was disappointed that I only got through one book this month, I enjoyed taking time to relax, learn Hungarian, plan adventures and start thinking about graduate school again. Yep, I said it. Graduate school.

I spent a day out in the field for my archaeology job identifying human and non-human remains and something about that day and those people and the fact that I’ve never once wanted to not do archaeology on any given day proved to me what I needed to know and I was able to click the ‘accept’ button once again. 

This makes planning trips and buying books and thinking about moving over to London exciting yet again. Although I’ll be traveling most of December, I feel like it’s fuelled me into a new mental state and I’m thrilled.