The November Review

How the heck is my time in graduate school passing so quickly?

The month began with one of the best trips I’ve ever done in the UK – a multi-day walking trip through southern England. Tristan crossed the pond for 10 days and we walked about 60 miles through quaint British villages, battlefields, and along white chalky cliffs… eating scones, drinking tea and having delicious roasts. It was a very special trip that was over far too quickly.

We had a few days in London together as well: Tristan met my friend Amy from University, we explored the ins and outs of London, and we took a day trip to Cambridge to see what all the fuss was about. Cambridge wasn’t as exciting as we thought it would be, but we had some delicious North African food there and enjoyed wandering around. Back in London, we went to the SkyGarden and meandered through the Islington and Euston neighborhoods. To celebrate Tristan’s completion of Graduate school Apps (he’s applying for his PhD!) we dressed up for a fancy cocktail bar and the delicious drinks were produced with quite a show.

Eventually, of course, Tristan had to return back to Wisconsin and Skype sessions had to restart, but the fall break had given me a spur of energy that I needed. Uni was back in session and I had friends visiting while Christmas markets were in full swing. Akaash came from Hungary and Ryan stopped by from Bellingham. It’s nice when people visit because I have a stronger excuse to leave the University bubble and explore the incredible city that I’m living in.

Tourist filled waterfronts and a terrible stabbing on London Bridge kept me away from downtown for the last two weeks or so and I instead focused on North London, making runs to Hampstead Heath and taking a side trip with Amy to Greenwich. On top of that, a strike at UCL gave me plenty of time to study for upcoming lab exams (woohoo!) and get cracking on my first large essay, due before Christmas. Although I wish I could spend more time exploring London and visiting museums, I really want to do well in school and that requires a lot of studying and focus—meaning my time being a tourist in the city is limited. This next term, I want to do better at splitting my time. I get Tuesdays and Fridays off so that should definitely help… maybe even put a trip to Budapest in the books?

Bring on December! One more essay and a family trip to Germany… then the start of a new decade!