The May Review

End of May already? Where has the time gone..

It started with a May Day ‘majális‘ festival, ribbons in trees and lots of Hungarian traditional dancing. Then a trip to Romania with friends listening to all the folk music my heart desired and witnessing some of the best folk musicians in the country have a blast playing in the transylvanian countryside.

My name day came and went, as did many days of school. My hungarian has been improving and I can feel the changes as well, so things are going good. One of the biggest turn arounds is that I’m enjoying ‘flexing’ my Hungarian skills while ordering at a restaurant or coffee shop, rather than dreading it. Plus a lot of my friends and I speak a combination of English and Hungarian which keeps us continually practicing and learning.

Heather left which was a real bummer… I didn’t have my go-to adventure gal anymore! But hey, it forced me to make more friends and now I have a huge group of people I can potentially spend time with! Lot’s of coffee dates, sunny days in the park, time exploring the city, and spending each day to the utmost. Days with family and evenings with friends is a really good mixture and I’ve spent each weekend this way 🙂

At the end of May I took my final school exam (for now) and switched from taking the train in each day for school to helping out on the little family farm in the morning, followed by an hour of studying before training into the city for adventure time with friends.

Anxiety hit hard too (it’s not all fun and games while living abroad) and I spent some solid nights hurting, questioning myself and calling friends and family to help me get out of my head. Something clicked and after a couple downer days I was feeling good. Biking, wandering around Budapest and remembering to take some time for myself completed the month and I’m looking forward to all that June has to offer!

I have a job in Belgium for the second half of it so the first bit of June will be focused on summer adventures starting with a concert of my all time favorite Hungarian band performing on their namesake island: Margit sziget!