The March Review

A great start, a busy middle, then a lot of goodbyes.

To start: Iceland.

A bucket list adventure I checked off but truly a country that I’m already yearning to go back to. I felt such a connection there and have roadtrip ideas constantly bouncing around in my head for the soonest moment I can go back.

Spencer and I spent our first 5 days of the month there, admiring the southern coast, the city streets and the northern lights. I loved the adventurous spirit and connection to nature that the country had – no rush anywhere, no hustle and bustle… it was beautiful. Plus I found out I love Skyr so that changed my world.

Returning to the US after nearly 2 months in Europe and I was already itching to go back. I missed my family in Hungary and still had a craving for the language, so after much discussion with Spencer, we thought it would be best for me to return this summer. A summer together in Washington would be Spencer being busy for full days and overnight trips with the whale watching company and me working archaeology in the morning and bartending in the evening. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for him and I to spend together and my craving for Europe is bigger right now than my craving to go ‘back to work’.

Although that can be a common feeling for travelers, the fact that I can live with my family in Europe and go to school for cheap makes the option a feasible one (i’m not trying to see more countries (minus Albania which I suddenly want to visit) or do tourist activities).

So it was decided, and I booked my one way ticket to Europe.

In the 3 weeks that followed I spent some mornings doing archaeology work, some evenings with family or friends, most of my time with Spencer and anything left I put into packing. Because I’m traveling to Hungary for the summer and then going to graduate school in London, I pretty much needed to pack my life up for the next year and a half. Which meant a lot of packing.

It also meant a drive to my parents house to drop off my car and any items I couldn’t bring across the pond. It also meant saying “see you later” to a lot of friends and family. Not the easiest thing.

My archaeology work was honored in an incredible way. I have spent the past year working for the Lummi Nation Indian Tribe and was ceremoniously covered in a tribal blanket to thank me for the work I have done, to show their respect for me and to give me a reminder that I always have a place in their hearts. It was a special moment and saying goodbye to my tribal friends hit hard and I began to realise how much it meant to leave this part of the world.

After dropping my car off with my parents, our family of four flew to California for a National Park visit, studio visit and to see family! Sunny, hot and beautiful – we had an amazing time. Too soon we were back in Washington state, Spencer made a quick visit and I was packing up my two big suitcases for the travels living abroad.