The March Review

Okay, what in the heck March?

Things were going so well in February, I said “HIT ME!” but I didn’t mean like this!

I started the month off with skeleton analyzing and schoolwork. Nothing crazy. I took myself on a date to Portobello Road for scones, a walk through one of the Magnificent 7 graveyards, and a little clothes shopping. Group work in one of my classes turned sour when one of my groupmates went haywire so I started hanging out with some of my other classmates a lot more. In between studying in lab and dissertation research we made time for some pubs and new food spots.

Things in the US were getting pretty fun as well this month! My brother was enjoying time at home, my parents were off on a boat cruise in the Southern Hemisphere and Tristan managed to accept his offer to a grad school! Time to consider a new location for future jobs! In England, I had secured 4 digs for the summer, 3 as a lead osteoarchaeologist. I even helped teach a course with the Ministry of Defense! Lots of excitement!

Also, lots of dread. The Coronavirus (just as I felt I was getting my life together) was everywhere. Over the course of about a week London went into lockdown. Grocery store runs were for as much food as possible, toilet roll shortages were happening, and most disappointing of all, my University closed.

It was hard to know what to do but borders closing helped push a decision. I did a quick overnight flight purchase, pack and ended up leaving the country without telling a lot of people. Alex came with me to the airport and helped me with my bags (Thank you!!) and I was all of a sudden on my way back to Washington State. What a surprise this would be for my brother – sorry, no solo-summer at home!

In Luxembourg, my cousins were starting to feel the border closures as well, but my parents still were on board a boat and beginning to panic a bit. After a few flight bookings, cancellations and rebookings, they were also on their way home to Washington, with the rest of their trip having to be cancelled.

My brother and I stayed busy cleaning, cooking and getting outside before the parents arrived and before the stay-at-home order was officially announced.

We’ve been keeping entertained with schoolwork, projects or going on walks, but it is difficult sometimes to keep a smile on your face. We are going through a really hard time and it’s okay to grieve a little. Hopefully next month will be less brutal, less deaths, and America will get a grip on how to handle this invisible war.