The July Review

This is crazy. I entered self isolation in March and it’s the end of July. We’ve been living like this for nearly 5 months and now what might have been weird once, is normal.

  • Phone, Keys, Wallet, Mask. Those are the now four things you bring with you when you leave the house.
  • “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Mask, No Service” signs hang in windows.
  • Saying “We’re not hanging out with people yet” is a normal phrase.

July was the month where Tristan and I fully settled in. We made friends with people in masks and we have the weirdest knowledge of knowing what the top half of their faces look like, but no idea how they smile. We’ve made our apartment feel more like home, hung pictures of family and friends up, and have explored our town and the North East parts of Texas. Oh! And we dog sat for a few weeks which helped us get on a schedule and get outside more. There are only 4 months to enjoy 100+ degree heat so we had to get on it!

Let’s see…the military banned the confederate flag on its property this month, but many, many people had something to say about that. The neowise comet was close to earth and we spent a few nights trying to see that. Washington also got its first murder hornet and the state banned weddings! I’m very thankful we are halfway done with this year.

Tristan’s tan, I’m sunburnt, (we’re probably both suffering from muscular atrophy) and we are really liking it in Texas. We’re surprised ourselves, but it has really grown on us! The food is great, people are friendly and we’ve had amazing adventures exploring natural areas. Lately, the hardest things have been saying ‘no’ to people as Covid cases rise in our age group. We want to be safe and we are being safe, and it’s hard to continue to maintain safety as cabin fever is getting to everyone.

One of our favorite things this month was camping, hiking and canoeing around Caddo Lake. Swamps and birds and mosquitos…and incredible views. See for yourself!

This August will be an interesting one as Tristan possibly starts school and I go to England for a dig. His classes have been wishy-washy about whether or not they’re happening in person, but the expectation (among most people) is that schools will shut down very quickly and everything will go online. What a way to start a PhD! As for me, I’ll be taking a flight to the UK, quarantining for two weeks and then playing around in the dirt for a while. Truly can’t wait for that adventure.