The January Review

January has been a month of reminiscing as I’ve spent time in familiar places with familiar people yet managing new adventures each time.

Coming back from Antarctica I knew I had about 3 weeks before it was time to jet off to Europe and I wanted to spend that time working and seeing people I care about. Unfortunately, new paperwork needs to be signed for my archaeology work and the filing time takes so long that in those three weeks I didn’t work at all. Although not great for my bank account, it ended up working out alright!

I started my month at Orcas island with Spencer where we spent two days reading, eating, walking and relaxing. When we returned and he went to work each day, I was able to read, plan Europe a bit more, study and see friends! We went rock climbing a couple times (I definitely missed that!), made dinner for our friends and rounded out the three weeks with a trip to Portland to visit my family. I even was able to see some new friends from the Antarctic Expedition for a lovely dinner in Vancouver at La Quercia! SO GOOD!

Then, the long flights across the Atlantic, a day in Dublin and a move-in to my flat rental in Budapest happened.. I was officially read to start Hungarian school! I spent the final week of January making friends with my classmates, studying the language, seeing my family (everyone was ecstatic) and doing my very best to pronounce words correctly in public.

It’s great to be back.