The February Review

Well, well, well, February was quite adventurous.

I was already settled into my Hungarian apartment when the first of the month came around. For the first two weeks I spent time with family in Kismaros and learned more about Budapest but also focused quite a bit on school. I saw old friends from middle school and Uni and as Spencer arrived for the beginning of our adventures together, we both were hit with a lovely little stomach bug. We fought it off, toured the city, visited my family and I took my final exam (98%!).

After living the Hungarian lifestyle Spencer and I were off to Lisbon for a fun-filled weekend. We felt the heat in the city and on the beach, and enjoyed splurging and gorging ourselves on delicious food.

The last week of February we visited Ireland! Brews and burgers filled our stomachs, our days were filled with walking and tourism, and our nights were filled with dancing, music and plenty of good conversation.

To sum February up: I checked off an item from my bucket list, grew closer to friends and a part of my family I haven’t been able to see too often, and I grew a new love for Portugal. Now onto a new country and another bucket list item: ICELAND!!