The February Review

I swear it was just January. Wasn’t it just January? Now it’s about to be March?! Well! Happy Leap Year!

It definitely feels like grad school with a very strong ‘work hard, play hard’ atmosphere. After my first dissertation topic (which I’ve been brewing for months) came to a halt, I worked hard to make a quick turnaround and within a week had a brand new topic. Armed with the new topic, background research was quick to catch up on, and soon enough I had two supervisors signing off on it. I still have an outline to complete before I can actually commence ‘Dissertation Research’ but this month felt like hurdle after hurdle and it feels good to be out of that.

I also have only one exam this term but what feels like a mountain of essays to write. And all of those essays are due around May 1st so time management now is key. And have I mentioned that jobs are supposed to start getting applied to now? Yeah, Uni has kicked up a notch for sure.

Thankfully there’s the ‘play hard’ part of all this, where I continually choose to jet off to different countries and thanks to RyanAir’s cheap flights, it’s possible with just a backpack.

My trip with Shelby at the beginning of the February was really fun and really needed to help set my head on straight in the midst of some stress. Great coffee, family love and an easy going travel partner in a place I already new… it was perfect.

Not even two weeks later and I was off to Spain, this time to meet up with Tristan. We hit Madrid and the Andalusian area and truly ate and drank our way through the country. Sure, we hiked and toured too, but the highlights of the trip were surrounded by food.

Tristan also started to receive responses from Grad programs! Some good, some bad, but the highs were especially high. It also helps me direct my job application focus- dreaming about where we could be in September is really fun!

In London I managed to see a play (with Danny Radcliffe in it, but it really wasn’t a good play), Hayley from back home visited (great to see her!!), and I went to a museum or two, but the focus while in London really has been Uni. Oh, and it snowed the other day!

Alright March, HIT ME!