The August Review

I haven’t felt this busy in a while! I mean, I’m writing this review in the end of September, so you can imagine how constant things have been. Covid-19 cases grew in July and leveled off at a very high worldwide rate (around 250,000 a day), while the world continued to open up more and Universities stupidly started up again. I say stupidly because in-person courses began. Tristan showed up for his first day of TA-ing armed with a visor, mask, and hand sanitizer, while his Uni hardly reported cases, but let the town know that small outbreaks had begun. Honestly, that’s pretty terrifying.

And that wishy washy feeling continued all of August, and was paired with more unplanned ups and downs. A trip to Austin (major up!) followed by the passing away of Tristan’s beloved dog (major down.). Then a trip to Houston and NASA (very cool!) followed by me leaving for a quarantine/work trip in the UK (a bit sad and lonely for both of us). It left both of us feeling really happy at times, and completely lost at other times…

I experienced plane travel at the beginning of the pandemic, but traveling now is different. Masks are required, you get a bit anxious if people stand too close to you, and it’s only after the 4-7 days are up that you can quarantine in peace.

So I left Texas behind and jetted off to jolly ole’ England where I quarantined for two weeks in Chichester, went on plenty of hikes, dyed the ends of my hair teal, caught up with old friends, and pretty much finished off my dissertation. Then it was time for the long awaited ‘Rat Island’ dig. This is one I had planned to do in March, but the pandemic hit. After 5 months, being surrounded by archaeologists, veterans, and friends, it felt like a fresh start–– not that the pandemic was completed, but that I had come to terms with how I would function in the pandemic.

I was asked on more digs, explored the town of Winchester with my lovely dig-hosts, learned way too much about Taylor Swift, and then ended the month back in London. I said goodbye to my old flat, edited my dissertation and did my best to plan the next month. That’s the thing about this pandemic, you can really only plan week to week, so I did the best I could.

September goals:

  1. Walk the Cotswold Way
  2. Turn in my Dissertation
  3. Dig up a Roman Palace