The April Review

One way flight to Hungary – complete!

I started the month off with my parents and some American family members as we did a little roadtrip around Hungary (post coming soon). We saw cowboys, ate delicious food, relaxed at the Balaton and heard incredible stories of our family history. I even was lucky enough to contract a lovely bacterial throat infection and was fortunate to learn about the Hungarian medical system with my Pops by my side. Yay!

After family left I felt like I was officially ‘on my own’ in Hungary. And for about 2 weeks there, every day had a struggle. There was no day that I went to sleep thinking “wow, what a great day!” and as positive as I can be, it’s hard to constantly learn to communicate about legitimately everything. It took about a week to be able to say “I’ll shower after dinner tonight”, “I’m not hungry right now”, “I’m going to rest in my room for a little bit”… all simple phrases that are hard to remember with the constant onslaught of Hungarian language.

In fact, I think my three year old cousin has surpassed me in language acquisition at this point, but as my family likes to remind me, I can read and he can’t. Ha!

I’ve been able to bike and walk and hike a lot this month (plus daily pushups) so I’ve been feeling really good physically. There were Easter Celebrations to enjoy and plenty of good food to consume, but there was also some sadness at the end of the month as one of my recently visited relatives passed away.

I’ve gotten into a schedule but it’s been happily broken up by friends visiting- thanks Hil and Jason! I started school again and tested into a higher course so I should be finishing level 1 sooner than I expected. Woohoo!

A month with a lot of learning curves, some steep and some very gentle, but in the end, I’m feeling happy – and sort of more …Hungarian, the more comfortable I become here. 🙂