The April Review

  • 3,263,637 Covid Cases Worldwide
  • 230,443 Deaths Worldwide, 62,299 of which are in the United States
  • 1,030,798 Recovered Worldwide

The month started with a recognition that Covid was amping up world wide, but the month is ending with a sadness that it’s still continuing and a frustration that people are still in lockdown. In lots of states there have been big protests to ‘free America’ but the reality is that an early normalization will not make everything better.

Racism, for example, was happening when I was in London and it’s only going to get worse with statements that the “Chinese virus” is killing hundreds of thousands. People would cough or sneeze on my Chinese roommates and there were times they would come home crying. They’re strong girls, but I really hope people can grow a backbone before self isolation ends.

The transition to an online world has continued… I took part in a ‘surprise birthday Zoom chat’ for Nora on the 1st, there have been zoom calls with classmates, whatsapp voice recordings, online therapy, even live game nights or pub quiz through computer screens! It turns out a long distance relationship can give you excellent training for a life online, and thankfully, I haven’t had too hard of a time transitioning other parts of my life to it.

Two of my best friends had to officially call off their wedding but thankfully good news their way meant new jobs, a new house and a big move in their near future! A lot of my other friends have been focusing on essays or working in essential jobs, and Tristan has been enjoying family time in Northern Wisconsin without too much of a population.

Washington state was told yesterday that we don’t have an end date to the stay-at-home order anymore, and that things will slowly start opening up on May 5th (golf, hunting, fishing, daytime use of state parks with limited numbers). It’s both exciting and disheartening at the same time, but Washington continues to do an excellent job beating this virus so I’m happy to comply with any rules.

Groceries and mail are continuing to be processed (a washing, disinfecting at-home system occurs every time we bring in anything from the ‘outside world’) and weather has been nice enough to go outside nearly every day. I’m antsy to get back to archaeology work but my essays have been keeping me pretty entertained for now… 1 done, 2 more and an ‘alternative assessment’ to go!