.Smelling Seals in Pieterburen

The next day began with an early Dutch breakfast (toast with butter and Hagelslag) and a morning train ride to Pieterburen, a tiny, tiny town in the Northern Netherlands. I had worked there 2 summers ago at the Seal Research and Rehabilitation Centre, and it was fun going back for the day! I didn’t realize how much I had missed the large pastures and small villages until I was on a little bus, cruising down a dirt road. It was great to surprise friends at the centre, to work with the seals again and to spend some time meeting people who now work at the SRRC.

I left in the afternoon, taking a train to the south of Amsterdam, to Utrecht’s city centre. Utrecht is a University town with shopping districts, street food, nice restaurants and nightlife. I spent the evening walking along the lively canals, grabbing a snack at the famous Frietwinkel fry shop, and people watching before falling asleep.