.”Wait, where do you live?”

It’s now been about 7 weeks since we moved to Texas. It’s hot (as predicted), usually humid, often sunny, and sometimes there’s even a thunderstorm or two. When the rain comes, it comes down hard and is always paired with lightning and thunder. When the sun shines, especially in the middle of the day, you won’t see anyone if you walk down the street. Sort of like the Texas ‘siesta time’ but instead of sleeping, everyone is cozied up to their aircon.

With many places closed, or open to a limited capacity due to Covid, we’ve had to find ways to explore and limit exposure. This has meant two things: 1) we’ve had to be tourists in our new town, 2) we’ve gone on a long drive about once a week to a new destination (posts incoming!).

So first, Bryan.

This town (according to google) is pretty big, but realistically, historic Bryan is the main spot and only made of two streets–and it’s where we live! We’ve had delicious Texas BBQ, drank to-go cocktails from a hotel that’s been in business since 1928, ‘traveled to Germany’ by enjoying food from a Brauhaus, and tried a delicious and fancy farm-to-table place down the street. We’ve gone on plenty of walks, furnished our apartment from resale stores, checked out the Saturday farmers market each week, and even made some friends via Texas A&M zoom calls and a socially distanced gathering in a park.

We took a drive to Lake Bryan one day (a muddy brown water variety), and we’ve visited the University quite a few times – stopping by George H.W. Bush’s grave which happens to be on-site. Speaking of graves, all the dog mascots for Texas A&M University are buried next to the giant football stadium, and there’s even a scoreboard there so the… [ghosts of the] dogs can keep track of the games. Weird little Atlas Obscura find! We also tried to find the comet (no luck) and have been in awe of gorgeous, constantly-blooming, Crepe Myrtle trees. Airplants and cockroaches are both normal sights and with extra time on our hands, we’ve made plenty of bucket lists for when this area of Texas re-opens.

Bryan, Texas is never a place I would’ve EVER called home. I didn’t even know the place existed until a few months ago… I mean, Texas in general I wouldn’t have moved to in a million years, but here we are! We hang out on our porch almost every evening (unlike the locals who use the porch for decoration instead), drive safely (also unlike the locals), and have found ourselves so lucky to be living in the best neighborhood. Evening strolls are perfect, with little breezes and neon-lights to set the mood.

Despite Covid cases, I’m really proud of us. We’ve done a great job exploring our area and getting a grasp of the town! Bryan has been really good about Covid, with very few cases in the whole county and a mask mandate that was in place before the state-wide one. People are taking things seriously, which I didn’t expect for Texas. I guess I’m quite thankful to be living in a ‘blue’ area, or at the very least, an area that cares about health.

Bryan is a really cute town and the Crepe Myrtle trees mixed with the fact that we’re seeing GREEN and RAIN have made it enjoyable! Hopefully Covid cases decline enough where the town will open up to its full glory soon and we can enjoy the open air theatre, the secret speakeasy, and discover the vibe of the people who live around us! Until then, we’re masking up!


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