.A Quest for Toilet Roll

The Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. People have been forced to uproot their lives, quarantine, self isolate, severely change their lifestyle, or are unfortunately trying to survive the brutal sickness.

I had to go to the store for the first time last week, armed with a mask, gloves and a 2 week food supply list. It was a long shop, but I managed to get nearly everything we needed. At the toilet roll aisle there were a few rolls left and I was lucky enough to snag one package – a SINGULAR package as it’s currently limited to one per customer. The store wasn’t packed but the people that were inside were older and I was surprised that only 2 other people were wearing masks.

Once in line with the cashier, he and I talked about the use of masks and the phrase “I protect you, you protect me”. It unfortunately didn’t seem to stick with him. His focus instead was on the fact that so many jobs have been opening up and that this was his first day there. Hmm.. I hope he comes to grips with this worldwide situation soon.

This whole thing feels like an invisible war, where doctors are the soldiers and here on the homefront we have to focus on conserving food and sewing masks if we can. It’s bizarre to me because there are reports of people still going outside and hanging out in groups- HOW CAN HALF THE WORLD BE SHUT DOWN BUT ONLY HALF OF THE USA?! (It makes me wonder if there were ever war deniers…). I read somewhere that our grandparents had to go to war for us, all we have to do is sit on the couch for them. I like that. And hopefully people can comply or else this virus has a chance of lasting much longer.

As I write this there are 1,297,078 cases in the world, with 71,269 deaths. The number of recovered, 272,819, seems minuscule as the number of infected goes up daily by the thousands.

It’s common practice for me to check the numbers when I wake up in the morning, to see statistics on resource use, and find any live updates I can. One of my friends in Turkey has it so I check on her and her family as much as I can too. Here in Washington State, the stay-at-home order has been extended from early April to May 4th. Honestly, our governor is doing a great job and when you hear about the political bullying he’s getting from the nonchalant US president, it makes you a little extra proud to live in Washington.

The CDC has officially recommended the use of masks in public yet Trump has said that it’s up to the individual and he “doesn’t think he’ll be doing it”. With Trump not setting Nationwide standards, the rise up of the small town governments will continue and could eventually set up political unrest. Among the economic recession and healthcare issues, we don’t need this in the next few years as well.

The good news is that it looks like Washington has passed over the peak of cases, so fingers crossed it stays that way.

Stay tuned.

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