.HELP: Inspiration Wanted

There’s something that gap year kids don’t tell you about, what do you do when you’ve accomplished your goals for your year off, but you still have excess time? What if you don’t know what to do next?

This is what I’ve been constantly grappling with for the past week or so as I returned from three weeks in Belgium doing Archaeology work. Up until then I had been living in Hungary with Belgium as my ‘next project’ and my ‘next goal’. Yet, I didn’t think about how I would feel once I was back. And honestly? Working with my dirt-covered hands and being nerdy for three weeks with a bunch of new, amazing friends made it difficult to come back to what now appeared to be, in comparison, a more mundane lifestyle.

So to the drawing board I went… with no fewer than three data tables analysing my different options. I don’t have enough time to get a job…not to mention that minimum wage here in Hungary is about $3.50 (Yeesh I know) and if I were to travel back to Washington State, I would be surrounded by fewer friends and still unable to secure a job for two months. Okay, so why not travel? “You’re so close to the Balkans, why not go there?!” Well, simply, I’m not feeling like it. I’ve loved the many day trips that I’ve done but packing up my life to move somewhere new everyday.. it doesn’t sound very enjoyable right now.

I talked to a lot of family and friends to try and figure out where I go from here and how to get out of this mental purgatory. Besides the sage advice of “do what you want, it’s your gap year” someone mentioned to me that I don’t need to figure out everything for my next two months. I know, “duh”, but I’m such a planner that it’s a bit hard for me to simply let a schedule create itself. Should I give it a go anyway?

So I mulled, stewed, and mulled over stew until I had an answer that suited me. If my next big adventure is moving to London why don’t I do whatever the gravitational pulls of the world are telling me to do, then move early, maybe snag a job that can easily become part time, and settle in early. Yeah, London is expensive and that was what was holding me back from that idea, but securing some financial income would relieve a bit of stress from my shoulders. And it would be nice to get a feel for the giant city before the excitement of classes amps up.

So overall, I feel like I’ve come to Hungary and seen what I wanted to see, done what I wanted to do, and accomplished more than I could have expected. It’s time for a little taste of something different, and with the knowledge of the concrete jungle that I’ll be surrounded by for the coming year, maybe it’s time to find some camping and hiking trails that can provide a nature fix.

With that being said…

Coming July 23, 2019… some place new.

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