.Goodbye for Now, Budapest…

The stomach bug caught Spencer for a mere 24 hours and our Tuesday morning plans of seeing the parliament building were put on hold – as was the rest of the day. Instead, we spent our time relaxing, catching up on books, sleeping and studying before I eventually went to school. We made a lovely pasta dinner and went on a short walk before Gabor came by for a bit, but the day was completely calm and exactly what we needed. I also was able to talk to my language teacher about my programme and she gave me things to work on and her schedule of teaching for the next month so that I can keep learning in my own time and hopefully come back and test into a more difficult language level when I return in April.

Our Wednesday continued the ‘chill’ trend and we started our day off with a trip to Szechenyi baths. Built in 1913 and known as the largest baths in Europe, it was inviting to visit during the off season when the pools had space and the tourists were more scarce. To get there, we walked along Andrassy Utca (a lovely walking street coated in history), past Ferenc Liszt’s house and then popped into the baths for a steamy couple of hours. The highlight was not the steam room or the whirlpool but in fact the point at which Spencer and I noticed an old Hungarian man waiting for a chess player at one of the few chess locations around the pool. Spencer (who is practicing his Chess game online next to me right now) was nervous to ask him if he needed a player but thrilled with the nodded response and the two of them enjoyed a solid game of chess. Tourists were watching and some other old men came around to check out the young competition but in the end not even Spencer’s loss could minimize his happiness. “I didn’t think I’d ever get to do that!!!”. He was thrilled.

After school, one of my classmates hosted a little shindig at his apartment and nearly everyone joined. We enjoyed some homemade palinka and cheese-bread before I dipped out a bit early to join Spencer for a nice meal. We went to a place called Kőleves Vendéglő in the Jewish district – we had never heard of it before but the google reviews were high and the sheer amount of reviews was incredible, so we gave this ‘reservation-only’ place a shot.

What the heck it was amazing. The best food out that we’ve eaten thus for on the trip. We started it off in true Hungarian fashion with a bowl of soup (Spencer had gulyas, I had a matzo ball soup) followed by entrees of duck and a vegetable gratin… all to the tune of Hungarian wine. We were so full that we could barely finish our plates and we basically got back to the apartment and fell right asleep.

Thursday… my last day of class. We slept in, went out for breakfast and then Spencer trammed off to an art museum while I studied before class. The final day of each month, the language school requires you take a test to not only help you mark your progress, but ensure that you are continuing the following month in the correct course for your level. I wanted to do well and I hope that I did… results will come later this week. After my test, Gabor met up with Spencer and I for some Hungarian sour-cherry beer as a ‘congratulations on finishing your test’, ‘goodbye to Spencer and Giselle’ and a ‘final beer for February’. It was great spending our last evening with my cousin and I’ll definitely miss him this next month. Lucky for me, we’ll be living only a couple minutes away starting in April. 

The sitting room of my school

Spencer and my’s final morning was spent out at breakfast enjoying a final coffee from our favorite little cafe, then a sunny walk and some souvenir shopping before winding down and packing up for Lisbon. That 77 degree weather has been ringing in our heads and we are psyched to be in the heat in just a couple of hours. Bus to the airport, easy check in, lounge access and priority boarding and we are on the plane to Portugal. 

~Ez a het, beszelgetek Gabor-val, setalok Spencer-vel es nagy tanulok. Tetsik a diakok es a tanarom, de most, orulok menni a Portugalia, Irorszag es Iszlandia. Nyaron elek Kismarosban a csaladomval, nagyon orulok! Gabor es en irunk a “Magyarorszag Bucket-List” papir.. tudunk biciklezni, uszni, es szórakozni nyaron. Most… vislat, Portugaliaba!~

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