.The Food Poisoning

It’s no fun being sick, definitely a terrible time when you’re on vacation and even worse when it’s a sickness you’ve never experienced. I started the week with Dessa heading back to Madrid and me with a slightly sore throat… then Spencer arrived a day or so later and we went out for dinner with my cousin.. the next day- BAM! Food poisoning. 

Dessa wasn’t sick. Gabor wasn’t sick. Spencer also had the soup and wasn’t sick. I don’t get it. But it knocked a good amount of energy out of me for the week and the occasional but painful stomach cramps made staying positive a bit more difficult. Needless to say, Spencer and I weren’t deterred and spent a day around Buda Castle (with what seemed to be the slightest and last snowfall of the winter), an evening ice skating (I really should have bought a season pass), a walk up Gellert Hill, a morning in Margit Sziget, and a half day trek around the pest side of Budapest. 

The food poisoning got the best of me one afternoon and I had to skip school.. so as I tried to reset my gut with yoghurt and simple foods, Spencer was able to enjoy the History Museum and a little walk. I think overall, we’ve been able to handle the sickness while traveling thing quite well – and it’s a lot harder than you think because you feel guilty for not packing your days full of activities when all you need to do is rest.

On Saturday, Spence and I took the train out to Kismaros and he was inducted into the countryside lifestyle with Archery lessons (he proved to have a natural talent for the sport) some farm animal feedings and some homemade bean soup. We played with my little cousins and went on a bike ride, built a trampoline, searched for mushrooms in my aunt and uncles field and finally had a goodbye where my 3 and a half year old cousin was crying about us leaving for the better part of an hour.

With the food poisoning weaning, Spencer and I spent our Sunday apart, meeting up for some drinks with friends in some ruin bars later in the evening. I spent my day in Kismaros again but this time with different cousins, eating lunch and getting reaquainted after quite a few years apart. Spencer on the other hand, soaked in some thermal baths and a museum and was able to beat the rest of his jet lag by keeping his day calm and relaxing.

This next week is going to be school-centered for me as I prepare for an exam on Thursday so the two of us have been making Budapest bucket lists for our final (and 55 degree! yay!) days here…what to eat, where to go, museums to see… etc. It looks like our week is going to be very busy – and then it’s off to Lisbon for the weekend! 70 degrees F over there? Looking forward to it! 

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