.Destination: Denver

With ‘funemployment’ beginning it was time to check some things off my to-do list that I hadn’t gotten around to yet, so after 3 months away from one of my best friends it was time to shoot off to Denver for a much needed weekend-long sleepover.

Day one in Denver began with chilly city views and a cocktail crawl. We started at Avanti; a double-decker storage container facility that’s filled with food vendors, bars and views of the city, and after sharing our way through three incredible plates and enjoying local brews, we walked up the street to Linger, an old mortuary turned restaurant. Of course this was a destination for us and my inner forensic anthropology nerd was ecstatic. To be honest? There wasn’t much of a mortuary feel to the place, but we ordered the creepiest drinks in an attempt to create our own spooky vibe.

The sweet tooth hit and we shared a scoop of icecream from a Denver specialty – Little Man Icecream, while it was a balmy (barely) 40 degrees out before making our way to a speak-easy called Williams and Graham. We entered through a bookcase and all the staff greeted us by name – the exclusivity that speakeasy’s specialize in was felt and we enjoyed the location. The drinks were a little too interesting for our tastebuds but the vibe was especially unique.

A lovely hike in the mountains filled up our second day and the third was focused around the University of Denver (where Ash goes) before I was back at the airport all too soon.

So many more neighbourhoods to explore, plenty of sights left to see and definitely at least a concert in the Red Rock Amphitheatre to enjoy, but this was a great first taste of Denver.

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