.#28. Meet Somebody Famous.

Jane Goodall has been one of my idols since I was a little kid. I have one of her books that is so well read that the pages are coming out of it, and I’ve made feeble attempts to tape it back together. It isn’t only what she does that inspires me, but the passion she has; saving the environment and speaking for the animals that can’t speak for themselves.

Jane spends over 300 days a year traveling and speaking motivationally. This past month she made her way to the west coast of the US and even to our tiny little town of Bellingham. Tickets sold out within an hour and the theatre was packed. I was a lucky holder of a ticket and was absolutely thrilled.

I found myself captivated during her lecture because so much of what she said resonated with me. At 23 she was working in a restaurant, trying to save up money and do something meaningful with her life.

At 23, I’m in the same spot.

She mentioned how everyone has to be better about consumption and that the older generations need to pay more attention to the younger ones. The vegan ‘hipsters’ actually have something smart going on, and people should do their best for the sake of the earth, the animals and future generations.

Hearing Jane speak was inspiring and motivational and I was lucky enough to not only listen to her speak and have her sign a book for me, but I was invited to visit with her privately the next day. I was ecstatic, and the week very quickly became one that was surreal and left me in complete awe.



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